When the World Is Not Enough

I live by the universal rule: do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. In the event that you have bent over backwards for a lifetime to please the masses and receive no fairness in return…What should you give when giving the world is not enough? You continue to give love, but you do not have to embrace the role of a doormat.

 Many fail to understand that it is possible to love others from a distance. When we feel hurt and pain, those closest to us are most often the cause. Only those that we truly care about possess the power to do such damage. We easily feel hurt because we are left out, unaccepted, misunderstood, mistreated and because we place so much bearing on our emotions. But the only way to overcome hate is with love.

You will find it most beneficial if when someone hurts you to not worry about why they have done so, but realize that they simply have done just that…hurt you. Next, you do not want to dwell on or continue to breathe life into the offense. Try writing down how you feel on a sheet of paper, reading it back to yourself and then tear up the sheet of paper and dispose of it. Lastly, write down the top five greatest things about yourself, your character…this can include some pretty awesome deeds and/or contributions to someone other than self. Read this list to yourself and laugh at the one(s) who have hurt you. Shake your head with a smile and say how they truly do not know what they have done. Now, keep on loving, by keeping it moving with a smile. Because what has not killed you, has truly made you stronger.

Nothing is more powerful over a destroyer than a victor – a victim is briefly remembered and fades into the ashes. So, which one are you?

Stay victorious by wishing everyone peace and happiness, stay focused on your commitment to self-betterment and end the frequent contact with those who only set out to bring you down. Let them make themselves miserable and refuse their company altogether. If and when you do cross paths…do it with a smile filled with love and good intentions. Remember: Fighting fire with fire does not reveal your strength, it reveals your weakness.




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