You and Your Vision…The Ultimate Investment – Anytime!

Eliminate “I can’t” and “It’s too late” from your vocabulary. Consider yourself and your vision the ultimate investment. Whether you are employed, unemployed, a business owner or are a student or not; at this particular time in our economy, it is very much necessary to learn new ways of doing everything. Especially, business – if we expect the inevitable direction we are heading into to bring prosperity for us as individuals and as a people. Two facts to share: The economy will not rebuild itself, and you get out of life, what you put into it.

Back to School and Back to Business
Yep, it is time to look at where you are, where it is you want to be and be real about what it will take from you to get there. Be real. Are you doing everything that you can to be marketable? Get re-educated. Learn a new trade or learn new ways of doing what it is you already know. Life in itself is a learning process, and if prosperity is what it takes for you to live comfortably, don’t complain about how tough times are – get equipped. If you are seeking success, it will take commitment from you. If you do not invest in yourself and your vision, why should anyone else? They shouldn’t and they will not.

Reading, Researching and being Respectful is fundamental
Start reading periodicals and publications that focus on business and real living. Visit sites that offer the same. This will keep you informed and focused on your business goals; as well as, in touch with reality.

Are you constantly on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Well dear, you are already working social media. Now, what are your posts and tweets saying about you? Image is everything. Showing self respect and respect for others will serve you well in life … period, but even more so when a potential investor or client Google’s you. Take the time to learn how using these wonderful tools can boost you and your goals. Please, use them wisely.

The biggest investment you can give is your time and a commitment to excellence.

With that being stated, what are you waiting for? If you are looking to grow your existing business or star a new one, you need a plan. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Attend seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs. Find out what your local Chamber of Commerce and other organizations and business associations are offering to assist you.

Are you saying: “I just need $_____.00.”? It is not going to fall into your lap. Know this, if you do not have a solid plan “documented”, no investors will invest; no financial institutions will loan and no private or public sectors will grant funds. Your existing business plan may need to be revised. Are your demographics current? Headlines in the daily newspaper can tell you that. Find out, and fix it.

Get going! You CAN and EVERYTHING is in DIVINE ORDER. You can’t be too late or miss what is out there waiting for you. There’s nothing you cannot do. Obstacles exist to remind you that you are not focused like you should be. So, do not get discouraged when it appears to be a dead end, shift your gears, redirect and keep it moving!

With Love,



One comment on “You and Your Vision…The Ultimate Investment – Anytime!

  1. hey lady! I’m really feeling your words,,,they are so fabulous. im so proud of you Q!

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