Single guy or gal? Be Your Own Valentine…

Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE… its about Love baby!

Ok guys and gals…I have truth for you and a wake up call for others. For so long, and for so many singles, Valentine’s Day has been a dreaded holiday. Media advertising forces you to be reminded that you have no one to buy a special gift for and no one to surprise you with a gift either; no one to share a wonderfully planned romantic evening with or a pleasantly delicious croissant and mimosa the morning after. Recently joined the land of the brokenhearted? Feeling love for yourself and others is the only way out. Read on…

What not to do:

  • Do not ignore the date February 14th. It will come and you will be reminded that it is here. Being bitter will only make it worse.
  • Do not “hate” on your non-single friends. You’re not being a really good friend if you do.
  • Do not try to play the “home-wrecker” role. You’ll never have a happy home of your own. No “clean-up” men or women on duty allowed 😉 I don’t care what time of year it is…Karma is forever present and on the move.
  • Do not raid the refrigerator and binge, resulting in weight gain. There are so many reasons to name for not doing this. Keep it moving J

Here’s what to do: (Social Butterflies and Homebodies)

For the weekend nights out:

If you are reading this, you are Internet savvy. So after you’re finished reading, find out what is happening in your town this weekend. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year and most of us have to work or just have a regimen that will keep us occupied. But this weekend is the time to get the lovin’ in. Surf the web and visit sites such as Visit(your city here).com (I’m in Detroit, so we have VisitDetroit), Metromix and others, browse your local magazines too.

  • Do pamper yourself. Yes, if you can afford to go shopping and purchase a chic/sexy number…by all means do it. Manicures for all. Ladies, buy yourself a lovely pair of earrings, something that will make you smile. It doesn’t have to be jewelry, but to treat yourself to something that you have been eyeballing that won’t put your checking account in the negative 😉 Guys, the same goes for you. A nice new pair of Kenneth Coles, a nice blazer, button up with cuff links…a new video game for you gamers; whatever. A nice new and enticing scent should be on everyone’s list.
  • Don’t forget the hair! Guys, bzzz…get that haircut; ladies, if the salons are booked and you are unable to get glam on your own, or you aren’t into the natural look…Buy some hair. Yep, I said it. I totally advocate extensions and instant transformations that come in various lengths and are no-fuss. LOL Keep it classy and sexy though. Skim the magazines for clues if you are clueless.
  • Have single friends that don’t have plans? Get together and make a go of it. Have fun. Get out mingle with people. You may make some good connections, both personal and professional.

Note to Homebodies: Yes, you can dress up and be at home. When you look good, you feel good and certain things make us feel amazing. Ask my friends…I barbeque in 4 inch heels, so looking hot at home is totally okay 😉 You don’t have to 4 inch it, but do put forth effort in looking like you are expecting “greatness” to knock on your door.

  • Massages anyone? Please indulge on this pretty affordable luxury. Seek your local spas. There are many new businesses sprouting almost daily with super attractive specials for you take advantage of.
  • Don’t want to go out to dinner? Don’t. Try a new recipe or prepare your favorite dish at home. Take time to set your table with colors of love and warmth. Flowers are a must. I pick up flowers when I’m shopping for Rotisserie chickens all the time. I love it.
  • Don’t want to go out for drinks? Don’t. Find some fun cocktails to mix up at home. Play bartender.
  • Don’t forget the good music. If you are going out or staying home…check your playlist. When you hear love songs, don’t get sad. If your memories are of a former love, remember the good times and get excited and wonder for a moment what this song will mean when a new love enters your life. Add songs that make you smile, dance and chillax.
  • Coupled friends have plans? Take notes. Notice what they are doing and snag some ideas for when you aren’t single and excited to plan for this day.
  • Nothing at the movie theater you want to see? Rent a flick, and catch up on DVDs at home. You can do this with slouch socks on…but I would prefer to have a cute cami and bottoms on too 😉
  • Smile! Everywhere you go, smile! Even if you don’t feel like doing so, your smile may brighten someone else’s day and make them feel better. And there is no better act than taking your eyes off yourself and doing something for others. And this is FREE.

What I do:

Before being a mommy, I was always on the run but I used to decorate the house, prepare a lovely feast and entertain my friends. Sometimes it was couples and sometimes it was for the singles who in some cases, eventually became couples 😉

After becoming a mommy, I am on the run even more. I still do the same without entertaining the singles and couples at home. I save this goodness for my little guy who simply adores Valentine’s Day. I’m sure he likes his gifts too. I save the latter part of the evening for my beau 😉

I pamper myself, and look good. This makes me happy. Do the things that make you happy. All of the aforementioned are my suggestions…Always Do You.

Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to do these things, but days like this give some just the boost they need.

So, if you see me out dressed in hotness shopping for groceries, flowers and Rose’ it doesn’t necessarily have to be a special occasion. But if you see me this weekend through Monday dipped in red when out…I’m giving it a double tap. I will be representing Love and Women’s Heart Health 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!

Q signing off, and I Am what I share … Truth 😉




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