Moving according to your God approved plan and not the world’s plan.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been holding tight to my resolution of staying focused; focused on what it takes for me to have peace and enjoy my journey; focused on all things that are important to me; focused on embracing change with a smile.
Recently, I decided to make a move for my betterment…literally. See, the phrase “to each its own” reigns true for me. What I may see as wonderful, the next person may view as awful, and no matter the perception, it reveals what side of the fence you are on: optimistic or pessimistic. And what side of the fence you’re on determines how joy-filled your days will be. I have committed to loving my loved ones more and making time for a phone call and giggles.

There were so many times that I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person being reflected. I wasn’t smiling on the inside. There was no glow. That is not like me, but it can be anyone. I began to take notice of all the amazing people and events in my life and thought: “Life is too short and precious to issue an APB for your true reflection.” Life is too short to not put forth an effort for your long lasting happiness. Life is too short to miss out on the thrill of building a life with the one you love. You may have heard and will hear me say many times over that life is made up of moments…small irretrievable moments, thus making them all the more valuable. Don’t miss your moment to make a move. Pray on your decisions and take a step of faith. We can’t live for John, Jane, our parents, peers or anyone. Live right and live strong for your children. I am solely focused on my family structure and that means having a growing spirit, open heart and mind, a successful career and lots of love and laughter. Life will be hard, but that’s okay. There will be pain and there will be tears, just make sure you have the best company for the good times and the rough spots…Note: He is always available and there.

Change happens around us everyday, beyond our control and we must be prepared to accept it and embrace it when it comes. Life is so very short and it is imperative that we make our days count. Make your days ROCK! Life is also way too short and precious to close your eyes to the opportunities for success at life and love. I am not standing in front of a mirror right now, but I can say I am surely beaming. Commit to moving forward commit to having peace and joy.

Tune in to Life and Love Under New Management this Friday, April 1, 2011. Visit for episode details and archived shows. Feel free to forward letters and questions that you want read and discussed on the air to:

Peace, Love and Empowerment to you all!



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