Back on Track

One of the facts of life that we often forget is that when life happens and we stumble off course, we can surely get back on track. When we make choices that aren’t for our betterment we judge ourselves, but condemnation is unacceptable. I am understanding more and more with each passing day that God wants us to have joy in abundance. He wants us to have prosperity and wealth. He wants to bless us so that we can bless others. He wants us to pray for our neighbors and their peace. Nothing pleases Him more than us showing love for one another.

Don’t hold the one’s around you accountable for your happiness. It is not their responsibility. And don’t do for another expecting to receive the same treatment. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. God will make sure you are disappointed by them. He is jealous and wants his glory. Also, we should do things out of the kindness of our hearts with no expectation of a reward other than being a blessing to someone else. He promised us the joy we feel. I am really tired of going around the same mountain, learning the same lessons over and over again. Aren’t you?

This doesn’t always come easy. I find myself praying more and more everyday. Life is not for the meek and I need strength, patience, peace, courage, a strong will, a forgiving heart and open mind so I pray on it. I surely can’t do it alone. And with asking comes the shift in my direction, heading north and back on the “right track”. Don’t forget to sift your surroundings. IF the people in my circle aren’t on similar paths, like-minded, working at becoming better without distracting my to-do list, then I’m going the other way. Sift when necessary. When your life is full and filled with the right things, there will be no room for frivolousness. There are going to be those that don’t understand and get offended. But you will be doing them a bigger favor than living on the telephone with them “daily” and being in each other’s company attending a pity party and/or conversing about much of nothing, you will be praying for them and a whole life filled with goodness and mercy. You will be praying that they will be blessed. PLEASE, pray for me! Remember: Don’t feel bad about giving up people, vices and thoughts that aren’t good for you in order to do better. Now, be Blessed. See you back on the tracks 😉


2 comments on “Back on Track

  1. sonya Ingram says:

    First time visiting, really enjoyed it. Will visit more often. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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