New Day, New Hope – Act 1

To approach a new day and possess new hope it starts with your attitude; a new attitude. For me when I undergo an attitude adjustment, which happens more often than I would like [smile], it starts with me reflecting on where I used to be, where I am and where it is I am trying to go. The result: recognizing my blessings. Getting caught up in complaining and stressing over what it is we “don’t” have starts off with something as simple as a sigh, a moment of silence perhaps, as we ponder over how debt has accumulated, how the aches and pains in our body keep us three smiles shy of a lovely day. The secret here is to tune out the negativity that you are whipping yourself with and quickly stare at your life’s glass and believe it is half full. Take the worry about the bills and say “Well, I’m still here so I will do what I can and give God the rest”. Take those aches and pains and say “Well, I’m still here so I will endure and give it to God”. The constant here: Giving it to God for sake of your Peace.

I invite you to make a conscious effort with me to seek joy and hold it hostage. What makes you smile? What are the things that bring you joy? The world has enough gloom and doom. It is long overdue for love and happiness in abundance. I know just like the next person about those good days, and those bad days. Let’s just refuse to complain and make those bad days worse. If everyday is a sunny day, then what’s a sunny day? LOL

I have noticed that the older I get, stress affects me physically, not just emotionally. That is double detriment to my temple and purpose; I’m not having it. See yourself as royalty and treat yourself as such. Stand firm and know that you are in the position to make sound decisions, and feel confident in whom you seek for counsel…God. Make sure your royal court isn’t filled with people who are out to overthrow you. Decline invitations to pity parties and most certainly refuse to host one for your self. Take this new day and this moment to declare Peace. Command it. Now get to living your life and governing your love under new management with this new hope.

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Peace, Love and Prosperity to you ALL!


2 comments on “New Day, New Hope – Act 1

  1. Sonya Ingram says:

    Great show again…. didn’t know we had intermission…got a chance to fill my wine glass…lol:)

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