Out with the old — What are you waiting for?

One day out of the 365 days we are blessed to live, we all get on one accord and find order by prioritizing and listing the things we know and feel will make us a little bit better, a little more improved, a little more successful, a little bit lively; that day is December 31st. For one evening we get excited about of the new possibilities that are waiting just around the clock at the stroke of midnight. Why wait for one specific day to say “out with the old, and in with the new”? If you want a life filled with peace and progress, everyday can be New Year’s Day. I mean, it is a new day, why do the same old things that aren’t helping you achieve your goals…whatever they may be?

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and to behave as if we have until December 31st to get it together is what my father would call a “classical miss”, a big mistake. We should have a list of all things that we know will make us better and strive for that everyday. As we fall off to sleep at night, we should be giving thanks for the day we just lived, no matter what the events were and we should be giving thanks in advance for the discipline to stay committed to our goals. It is time to take what God is to us and what He has given us and make our natural abilities and ways supernatural.

So get out there and have you a wonderfully productive, love and peace-filled day. When we know better, we are supposed to do better. So get to it 😉

Carpe diem!

Peace, love and empowerment to you all!

Q Speaks (@Q_Speaks)


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