30 Power Moves to a More Powerful Self: Power Move#1 – Ground Check

Join me as I execute these 30 acts of power to make life even more beautiful than it already is. Life, no matter what it is like thus far is a blessing and it is only respectful that we make the ABSOLUTE BEST out of it. Are you game? Good…Let’s go get it together!

Power Move #1: Ground Check

Ever been stuck in a rut, feeling that all options for making a positive move or improvement have disappeared and dreams that once lit a spark of excitement for you is now just dream dust? I have… many times. It used to take me 6 months to a year to really get to the meat of the matter. My reality check would sometimes come when I looked back at a planning calendar and see where I was, and what I had planned to do but didn’t execute it. Or, some wonderful creative idea I once had that excited me to make happen that I slept on was on television in my face as an idea of someone else’s now. I would remember what life circumstance happened and why I got off track. It was always my fault. Why? Because, it is my life and I am responsible for the choices I make. We have the power to choose to handle the circumstance(s) or let the circumstance(s) handle us. Life is all about choices. Good intentions? Well, we know that the road to hell is paved with them. So after bumping my head, a lot…I was graced to become a quick study. The turnaround time for “getting back on track” is far shorter than it used to be. I made a choice to be powerful and not pitiful, and to be victorious and not a victim. An even bigger choice, I chose to treat my life like a project in progress with God as the senior consultant as a start. That called for a shut down and the organization and execution of some powerful moves and the first one is the “Ground Check”.

If your house in not in order and built on a solid foundation you will always find yourself lacking and at risk of crumbling. Running this Ground Check entails a self-assessment and compliance with God’s will so you can follow the plan He has for your life. First, you have to be still, quiet yourself, open your ears for Divine instruction and “see” yourself living the “good” life, the prosperous life, if you expect to have it. Can’t see beyond where you are? Have enough and don’t require much else of life? Well, shift your eyes off yourself and have your vision checked. Maybe the plan for your life is for a greater good outside of what you want or need. Either way, this is crucial. If you have never seen yourself better, go somewhere and do something you have never done before that will be rich in experience. Next, take inventory of what you want, what you have, what you need. Remember, our needs are for the most part met. It is the desires of the heart we are seeking and God wants us to have them.

I see building a “good” life to be a lot like building a house. The biggest similarities are the blueprint, foundation, materials and resources, labor, risk and cost. Don’t believe me? Take a closer look: Building a house = Building a good life —

*Blueprint for house design = God’s Divine design for our life + our little input 😉
*Foundation = What makes us the person we are: our core values, standards and morals
*Materials & Resources = What and who we know, time we spend doing what and with whom, what we have on hand, how we handle life and all things in it (mindset/choices).
*Labor = Endurance, performance, actual applied effort
*Risk = Consequence for poor choices, procrastination, selfishness, negativity
*Cost = Commitment, perseverance, growing in faith, unwavering faith when you hit the bumps in the road
*Result = Who and what you are, what you have

Now that I have given you a snapshot of the correlation, let’s get to it. Grab some paper and a pen or pencil and list the contents of your past inventory (1 year ago) and current inventory (today). Use the sections listed below as a guide:


This list is for you and your eyes only. Keep it real or it will not work and list everything. Remember: AVOID procrastination and condemnation. What is done is done…today is a new day. Don’t hold past mistakes and poor choices against yourself…God doesn’t. He knows all of our ugly as well as the beautiful. See, we can pretend with others and even with our self but we cannot fool Him…sorry. Get cracking.

No time for baby-stepping…hit the ground running with this understanding and desire for a more powerful self. See you after your first lap at power move #2.


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