Free Fall to Order

After many times of bumping my head because of making the worse decisions imaginable… to be granted another chance to do better and make it right is the ultimate gift. I often wonder how others feel during their recovery time after a disaster, caused by their hastiness. Is it really so hard to slow down enough and think three times instead of twice if necessary? I have so many questions, but have learned so much about myself; particularly during the year 2013. At the end of the 2013 I performed a SWOT analysis on myself where I discovered and accepted what my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are. The analysis led me to a new mantra; and way to manage my life: Recognize, categorize, prioritize then rise. Acronyms not needed…achievements are.

If everything that I have been doing has not been working for my betterment, shouldn’t I do things differently to get to where I have been shown I will be? Being patient with the process of “getting there” has been one of my many hold ups. It is refreshing to finally open up and take necessary steps to ensure I don’t go back to old ways. It’s a new day, New Year and new steps are mandated. At midnight, it is what it is… a new day. One of my many new “get me together” take-aways is “They will be there”. Knowing this means that you can make necessary adjustments, including cutting off people who do not take you or your goals seriously;  people who just want to take up your time and when you leave you leave not one iota better than what you were when you arrived… no way enlightened; only drained.

Strolling along trying to be everything to everyone is one of the biggest moves toward disaster that one could ever make. Stop giving away more than you keep for yourself. When you realize that no matter what you do, your reserve is what will sustain you and that when you step out and give much of yourself; coming back empty handed emotionally, spiritually and financially, you will be running to seek “get me together” time. This time may include what others may consider reclusive, but that’s on them. I will forever work to remember that reacting and saying “Yes” so quickly will set me up for a set back and that the power of a deep breath is underrated. This year, this time around I say “No” where and when necessary, and “Yes” to me and mine more often. There is often danger is free falling when the destination and the way you’re going to land is unknown, but when you are amidst a serious transition such as this, a free fall to order is the obvious destination.

IJQ and all I have for you is what God loves…and that’s TRUTH 😉


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