Amnesty for all!

Living according to the standards and expectations of others is like living in a prison. The pressures of meeting and exceeding those expectations can stifle your breathing and cause you to lose yourself. Today, I say realize that we are all different and beautifully crafted in our individuality. I say to you, set your own realistic expectations and be joyous while striving to meet and exceed those. You will always fail when trying to please others, and if you are not happy and at peace with yourself, actions and decisions that aren’t causing you harm in any way, you will never be free. With loving, and expressing ourselves comes a great amount of freedom. The result is often the feeling of floating, because there is no unnecessary, unwarranted weight to carry and shackle you. Apply this liberty to your day-to-day living and find peace with the fact that you can’t make everyone happy, and being judged and talked about is inevitable. This is the price of stepping outside the box. But if those around you truly love you… well, your happiness and peace will be all that matters. Be you and love it!  IJQ 😉


Peace, Love and Empowerment!

Q Speaks


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