Just let it go…

 I have learned to respect the power of releasing negative strongholds, as I have come to recognize the damage holding on to pain, guilt and resentment can cause. When I share an encouraging word, it is not just for others… it is for myself as well. I have had so many moments of regret over poor decisions I’ve made throughout my life, and found that those moments held me captive and held me up. I was angry, and disappointed. It takes strength, courage and wisdom to live this life we have. It takes strength, courage and wisdom to just let it all go and letting go is a MUST if we want an abundant life. Letting go is a must if we want to be rich in peace and joy.

No one said this life would be easy, but having a life to live at all is a blessing and we should be respectful and at least try to enjoy it. Don’t be held up from receiving your blessings and held back from joy and living it up. And if someone has hurt you, keeping it moving is what you must do as well. I’m not a betting woman, but I will bet you any amount of money that the one who offended/wounded you hasn’t missed a beat and is “living” well, without you or thoughts of you. Hard truth… I know, but if you tweak your perspective you will see the low points as wins, not losses.I am taking a stand against looking back. Why look back? I was just there and am clearly moving forward if there is a “past” to look back at in the first place. Thank you Yesterday, as you have led me to Today and I am looking forward to meeting Tomorrow. Inhale, big exhale and just let it go. IJQ 😉

Peace, Love and Empowerment!

Q Speaks


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