Oh the many benefits and wonders the World Wide Web has placed at our fingertips. A world where travelers caught a glimpse of different cultures, but regular folk and dreamers only watched on the news and read about in the newspapers was now exposed. Not only are resources unlimited now, but celebrities are made overnight, injustices are revealed and to plainly state: everyone’s in your business. In my opinion, the greatest reveal is how we as a people are so compassionate and yet so unforgiving. Thoughts and actions that were once concealed under the “What happens in our house stays in our house” rule nearly cease to exist. Granted this exposure and worldwide involvement has saved many lives and evolved us, but I ask you this, are we overstepping our boundaries when we save someone who doesn’t want or feel they need to be saved? At the end of the day, we are our brothers/sisters keeper but do we save our fellowman and tell them “Deal with it; Trust us. You don’t understand right now, but you’ll thank us later after loads of counseling and prayer”? Your thoughts…

IJQ Speaks and #ImListening


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