Plans and those things in between

I planned to spend a peaceful 1st snowfall Saturday evening with cups of spiked hot chocolate, John Coltrane playing in the background and steam coming from my laptop’s keyboard, as I cranked out inspiring, yet entertaining literary works. That did NOT happen.

Instead, my son and his friend decided to wrap up their Physics project here at home. My planned evening of peace was overthrown by noise from a drill, buzzsaw and the Spotify playlists of 16 year old boys.

So, I put away my laptop, discussed the details of their project, and then I was locked in. Every time I attempted to leave, they’d pull me back in. Truth is, I wanted to be there. We often complain about how we don’t understand our children or what makes them act out, but never engage in conversations that would give us insight to the “goings on” in their world.

Well, I hold these opportunities hostage. Every time I tried to leave, I was only headed to the kitchen to check on their food. Then one of them would say, “Stay here, I’ll go check”.

If a teenager, in this day and age, wants you to stick around, you’d better snatch that opportunity and not only listen to them, leave them with some knowledge. It is in those moments they’re asking for it. Give them YOU.

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