About Q Speaks

Q Speaks is an author, motivational speaker and host of Blog Talk Radio’s “Life and Love Under New Management!”. In addition to efforts in the area of providing inspiration and encouragement to her readers and listeners, Q Speaks gives back to her community by serving as President of Womanhood, Inc. (A non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization) where the mission is to nurture and develop our young women of tomorrow by way of implementation of developmental programs and workshops.

Q Speaks is CEO/Owner of  Universal Deep Productions. Officially re-launching in fall of 2017, the production company will serve as a hub of information, resources, events, news and reviews of budding and existing talent within the art’s community.

“I believe that life is a work in progress…forever having room for improvement and a gift as well. I know how comforting and encouraging  having a listening ear, hearing a good word, and exchanging smiles and information amidst the valleys can be. And with knowing better, comes doing better. Not only do I want to master not taking my days for granted, but I want to “share” this growth process with any and everyone. We can never have too much love, strength, joy, peace or prosperity. It can be as contagious as the plague if we give it a try”.

– Q Speaks


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