Silent No More

A friend shared this AMAZINGLY POWERFUL song, “QUIET” from MILCK which is the official song for the Women’s March of 2017. If this song doesn’t move and inspire my fellow Queens, then they clearly aren’t listening. Here it is… enjoy!


Why Lemonade is Good for Your Health


Caution: Taking the time to reflect on where you are, how you got there and where you would like to be may result in weak knees and the awareness of lemons flying at your crown from out of nowhere. However, doing so is necessary. We all must perform self-evaluations. I mean, the world around you evaluates you every millisecond of each day; might as well get to know your true self. If you don’t, you could miss the opportunity to dodge a fast pitched lemon and find yourself searching for your crown, instead of sipping on a cool drink of lemonade that you made from it. Champagne splitz in my bag…SWAG.

Face the “makings of you” with courage, LOVE and open arms. There can be only one you and everything that you have encountered and endured has made you the force to be reckoned with that you are today. Be fierce, fearless, faith-filled and forever in flight…growing stronger daily.

I don’t care that it took Beyonce’s Formation to light the fire for you Queens, just keep it burning with your self-awareness and self-love. No matter how the day ends, you will be a part of it so make your position a powerful one. Don’t lose yourself. If you do, you have lost it all. Sip that. 😉 #IJQ365


Oh the many benefits and wonders the World Wide Web has placed at our fingertips. A world where travelers caught a glimpse of different cultures, but regular folk and dreamers only watched on the news and read about in the newspapers was now exposed. Not only are resources unlimited now, but celebrities are made overnight, injustices are revealed and to plainly state: everyone’s in your business. In my opinion, the greatest reveal is how we as a people are so compassionate and yet so unforgiving. Thoughts and actions that were once concealed under the “What happens in our house stays in our house” rule nearly cease to exist. Granted this exposure and worldwide involvement has saved many lives and evolved us, but I ask you this, are we overstepping our boundaries when we save someone who doesn’t want or feel they need to be saved? At the end of the day, we are our brothers/sisters keeper but do we save our fellowman and tell them “Deal with it; Trust us. You don’t understand right now, but you’ll thank us later after loads of counseling and prayer”? Your thoughts…

IJQ Speaks and #ImListening

Swim this way…

“It is a wonderful thing to be needed, to be a resource. But if you have no one to go to for assistance when in need and are completely without resources, remember that you have God and recognize that you give away entirely too much to others and don’t give yourself enough of “you” and your own time. You are swimming in a tiny pond my friends. God blesses us through others. Know this! By all means give, but don’t forget about “you” and give away more than you keep for yourself. Now go…Be brave and head for the open sea!” – Q Speaks

Peace, Love and Empowerment 😉