Who are you?

2015-12-05 10.25.04My Personal New Year (a/k/a/ birthday) was in October and it was in preparation of this personal growth milestone that I decided to be serious about what I wanted out of life and what I expected from myself. It was during this time that I realized that just a year ago, I didn’t know as much about myself as I thought. I realized the many traits of self and stripes that I had earned while traveling through my life’s war zones I admired, but there were some that shook me to the core; bringing me to my knees. My perspective was being tweaked and I became more focused on gratitude. “Be thankful, Q. You are blessed. It could always be worse”, the message I was sharing with myself. I made a conscious effort to be honest about where I had been, who I had become, who was on my team and who would be coming along with me to the next level. That in itself became overwhelming and before I knew it, I was shaking off the residue from another shit storm. All I could think was, “Ain’t nobody got time for this! I need to figure out my food and drink menu for Thanksgiving.” Please believe me, a year ago, that would not have been my mindset. There would have been a long period of silent suffering. I pushed though, nonetheless.

The next week or so passes and I’m strolling my feed during the holidays, doing what most people, and all bloggers do and I find myself enthralled by the sadness and devastation of terrorist attacks, injustice, and then those damn Patti pies. As I reflect on how these pies were making serious noise; knowing I love me some sweet potato pie, I had no interest in anyone’s pie. Hell, I was over here, in my own world, getting real with myself and damn near choking to death on Humble pie, Self-awareness pie, Stop Bullshitting pie and Go Get Your Life pie. If I never see or taste another pie, it won’t be too soon. Just kidding! Having never tasted Ms. Patti Labelle’s pie, if someone brings me a slice or mom decides to grace me with one of her classics, I’m all for it, with no crumb left behind.

But back to my original message: The world has and always will have so much going on in it, as will our personal lives. Strolling feeds pull at your heart strings, but we need to be informed. However, it became apparent and upsetting noticing what we respond to; what we give our serious attention to, which is completely out of order and jacked up for the most part; to be frank. Social media, thanks to the Pop Culture reporters and Paps, our sick fixation on others and what they are doing with their lives, earnings, and bodies allowed our prayers for humanity to become short lived. It led me to think about how so many of us don’t know ourselves. We are not in tune with what makes us, what it is that we really want out of life, let alone what needs to be done to receive what we want once we figure it out.

While we’re bragging on how fabulous our life is or complaining about what it isn’t; while we are overlooking why we entered and had to come through our most recent storm, instead of what choices we made to end up there in the first place; while we are complaining about going to work, making someone who doesn’t have a job feel terrible; while we are being full of self…lost self, we are keeping the world screwed up. It really does begin with self.  Make a change. For me, it was becoming honest with where I have been, who/where I am today, all that made me…the sad and unworthy relationships with “friends” and boyfriends; you know, all that wasted time? It was during just that portion of reflection that I decided to stand on my principles, walk and plan with them, breathe them. I am Queen is more than an affirmation, more than a revised edition of my first book, it is my walk. I’m just Q (IJQ). Who are you?

I’m sure you are fabulous.😉



Why I lay me down to sleep…

2015-11-19 21.52.10Aside from looking aged and preventing weight loss and management, how awful is it that I’m shutting down shop right now and turning in because of #2 and #4?! 😜 #IJQ #knowthyself #notenoughtimeinaday #NiteNite

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Monday Coffee Break: Human’s Race

So…@Starbucks succeeded at capturing our attention with their gutsy #RaceTogether initiative and are now making a smart move by tweaking their approach to the cause. Truth: We can’t ignore the fact that racism is real. We converse about all things inappropriate but are devastated by a race related conversation until there is a headlining injustice. If you could share your ideas on healing & improving race relations, no matter how grand or small, what would they be? We can talk here. Q Speaks & Listens. #IJQ #letzchat

Q Speaks Drops the F-Bomb (Food, Fun, Fashion, Family, Friends and Faith)

After a long rambunctious week, daily back to back meetings, forgetting to eat lunch because you are walking around with Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast (medium blend) filling you up via an IV drip, what else what should a girl get into? It’s Friday the 13th and I don’t do luck: good or bad. That’s not how I roll; I’m thinking… Call up a friend and add food and fun to the menu.

The weather in the D has been super frigid, leaving many dreaming of traveling to warm, far away and/or not-so-far-away places. So, being the creative, practical bandits that we are we toured different dimensions and countries within a super small radius.

Stop #1: Firebird Tavern (GreekTown)
No surprise that this place is warm and attractive in architecture, sitting on the corner of Monroe and Brush St. Why not a surprise? Because the owners are the bomb.com. Formerly owners of Pulse Detroit on Broadway, these guys have hit the nail on the head with this spot. So, when I arrive my friend is at the bar and I am ready to get the order going. I blanketed my norm by adding cranberry juice to my Ketel One on the rocks with a lime wedge; my partner in crime ordered an Our Fashion (Old Fashion with FireBird Tavern twist). The drinks were refreshing and what I call a “pleasant surprise” because they sneak you with that friendly buzz. Result: you order a few. Now, we must have some “snackage”. We order the super tasty pimento cheese that is served with crostini and a light hot sauce and a girl must have fries. But these were not your ordinary fries, thanks to the condiments that you pair with them: ketchup and a truffle mayo that changed my life!

I give it a “try this place, you’ll find something that suits you.” I will be returning for the amazing wings, more drinks and to watch my basketball games on one of the many TVs. I might even throw a dart or two. I’m thinking, maybe another book release. I used their previous spot for my first one, and this location has an upstairs that holds a crowd capacity of 150, a super kitchen and catering options. Yep, I’ll be back. Stop in and check it out, if you haven’t already and tell me what you think. Thanks Tony for the warm welcome back. This is how you take it up a notch. Good job!

Now, it’s time to keep it moving because fun with friends isn’t official without Margaritas…

Stop #2: Mexican Village
Feeling full from our carb indulgence, it’s time for sweet and sassy sipping. We take this party to another country, sort of. We head to the Mexican Village on Bagley and order 2 liters Margaritas: 1 Strawberry and 1 original. Yaasssss! Carafes of goodness! This is the one spot we go to where we are never disappointed.

Friendly staff, great food and MARGARITAS! Although we weren’t hungry, we ordered our usual yummy chicken and cheese quesadillas that are served with guacamole and sour cream, and chomped on the salsa and chips while we sipped and giggled ourselves red-faced. Warm in welcome and gentle on the pocketbook. I give it a “Get there whenever you can, you’ll enjoy it”.

The evening is winding down…

Stop #3: Pizza Papalis
So, it is time to bring it in. I have to go home with more goodies. I’m certain that before going to bed I will want another bite of goodness and a sip of something spectacular. I keep dry champagne chilling in the fridge, but want something awesome to pair it with as I fade to black while watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Ah ha! I call up Pizza Papalis and place an order for a veggie deep dish pizza and order it (+ shrimp). Yes, Lawd! We have a winner.

After a long and rambunctious week I end it on a great note and just be me, Q Speaks and dropped an F-Bomb (Food, Fun and Friends). Great time with a friend, awesome drinks and yummy bites work for me.

Life is short, so “fully” live it and drop an F-Bomb!