Encourage yourself!

blog_022017Not every move you make is going to be cheered on by the people you’re surrounded by, or who you’d like to get closer to. Be confident in God’s promise for your life, and you can be confident in yourself and visions. Root for yourself, unapologetically.


Werk Your Work: Making the Workplace Rock


Happy New Year, all!

The way my life is set up, it is important that I put forth an effort to ensure every aspect of my life gets a pop of positivity whenever possible. Especially in the workplace. As many resolve to drop a few pounds, give up smoking, laugh more and many other things that they feel will make their lives better, I would like to get more out of the place where I spend most of my time throughout the year…the office.

This write-up: An Easy Way to Make Your Workplace Happier in 2017  speaks to recognizing your colleagues provides an enlightening dollop of info worth sharing with you. Carry your joy and protect your peace everywhere. #1jq365 #seeyouatthetop

How you treat yourself sets the standard for treatment from others.

Truth: You can’t take everyone with you; just as you may not be able to go everywhere with everyone. Learn to be a great friend to yourself. You are the constant. You are who truly matters; your decisions, your journey, your life. Get to know YOU and dine comfortably when a table for one is necessary. #ijq365 #learnedthehardway #sharingtruth #knowthyself #lovethyself # trustthyself #enjoythyself #rootforyourself #letthemwhisperwhileyouwin #seeyouatthetop Let’s GO! 😉