Werk Your Work: Making the Workplace Rock


Happy New Year, all!

The way my life is set up, it is important that I put forth an effort to ensure every aspect of my life gets a pop of positivity whenever possible. Especially in the workplace. As many resolve to drop a few pounds, give up smoking, laugh more and many other things that they feel will make their lives better, I would like to get more out of the place where I spend most of my time throughout the year…the office.

This write-up: An Easy Way to Make Your Workplace Happier in 2017  speaks to recognizing your colleagues provides an enlightening dollop of info worth sharing with you. Carry your joy and protect your peace everywhere. #1jq365 #seeyouatthetop


Free Fall to Order

After many times of bumping my head because of making the worse decisions imaginable… to be granted another chance to do better and make it right is the ultimate gift. I often wonder how others feel during their recovery time after a disaster, caused by their hastiness. Is it really so hard to slow down enough and think three times instead of twice if necessary? I have so many questions, but have learned so much about myself; particularly during the year 2013. At the end of the 2013 I performed a SWOT analysis on myself where I discovered and accepted what my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are. The analysis led me to a new mantra; and way to manage my life: Recognize, categorize, prioritize then rise. Acronyms not needed…achievements are.

If everything that I have been doing has not been working for my betterment, shouldn’t I do things differently to get to where I have been shown I will be? Being patient with the process of “getting there” has been one of my many hold ups. It is refreshing to finally open up and take necessary steps to ensure I don’t go back to old ways. It’s a new day, New Year and new steps are mandated. At midnight, it is what it is… a new day. One of my many new “get me together” take-aways is “They will be there”. Knowing this means that you can make necessary adjustments, including cutting off people who do not take you or your goals seriously;  people who just want to take up your time and when you leave you leave not one iota better than what you were when you arrived… no way enlightened; only drained.

Strolling along trying to be everything to everyone is one of the biggest moves toward disaster that one could ever make. Stop giving away more than you keep for yourself. When you realize that no matter what you do, your reserve is what will sustain you and that when you step out and give much of yourself; coming back empty handed emotionally, spiritually and financially, you will be running to seek “get me together” time. This time may include what others may consider reclusive, but that’s on them. I will forever work to remember that reacting and saying “Yes” so quickly will set me up for a set back and that the power of a deep breath is underrated. This year, this time around I say “No” where and when necessary, and “Yes” to me and mine more often. There is often danger is free falling when the destination and the way you’re going to land is unknown, but when you are amidst a serious transition such as this, a free fall to order is the obvious destination.

IJQ and all I have for you is what God loves…and that’s TRUTH 😉

“See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil…until your property value is non-existent.”

Tackling Blight in Your Neighborhood

Blight defined: destructive force: something that spoils or damages things severely; ruined state: a severely spoiled or ruined state, especially of an urban area. Now, apply the definition to the abandoned/foreclosed properties in your neighborhood. What should you do to prevent blight?

Well, one would reasonably think that if a pickup truck arrives at a recently abandoned home, enters the property with a key and comes out with copper, a boiler, toilets, carpet, blinds and more…in broad daylight, calling the police is step one. I am here to sadly say that after witnessing the above scenario actually take place, I, along with at least five other neighbors, dialed 911 and reported the crime-in-action. The police never showed. Patience dear reader, it gets worse. The same incident repeated every day after, for an entire week. We called the police and again, nothing happened, either time. I am now the neighbor of a home that has been occupied for over 35 years and is now barren, stripped, and nowhere near marketable.

According to an article from the Center for American Progress, banks put up for auction or took possession of more than 165,000 homes during November of 2008 alone, many of which continue to sit vacant and attract blight. An additional $5 billion toward neighborhood stabilization would allow the federal government to provide grants to states and cities for local nonprofits to purchase these properties in bulk, then rehabilitate them and offer them for sale or rent at affordable prices. It is hoped that “the restored properties will no longer be a drain on local resources, as municipalities must now cover rising costs ranging from trash removal, grass cutting, and boarding up vacant properties to more serious problems of vandalism, increased property and personal crime rates, and arson.”

Ok. How does this work? The longer a property sits vacant, attracting blight within neighborhoods where homeowners have lived for nearly 40 years or more, the more money the state will possibly receive for restoration of these neglected properties?

Also, non-profits are often insufficiently funded for their administrative and operational expenses. When funds do finally arrive, and properties are eventually acquired, how much time will have passed? What will have become of the forty years-plus residencies occupied by the Williams, Smiths, Adams, Edwards and Wrights?

All I can say right now is “Wow!” I wonder if our ignored calls to the authorities, that we pay voluntarily/involuntarily to protect and serve us was simply negligence, due to absence of gun shots in our complaints or were our ignored calls a new procedure in a strategic plan? Either way, there was an underlying message within it all: See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil…until your property value is non-existent. Really? Hmm… I have a message of my own: “Good luck with that, because I find sitting on the sidelines quite boring and am committed to getting involved and changing the things that I complain about. I will write, speak, sing, and/or dance a jig to encourage others to do the same.”

Truthfully yours,


Q Speaks Weekly Revolutionizing The World: Articles and more…

Book Release Sparks Revolution!

DETROIT, Thursday, April 9, 2009 at Pulse Lounge on Monroe St, it wasn’t your typical crowd or scene. When going to a lounge after work, one generally goes with the intention of putting the hours just passed far behind them. A bartender is usually pouring the spirits, great music plays in the background and people, who are there to escape as well, surround you. Not this time…the feeling that something great was coming filled the air; a revolution was on the way. 5:56 p.m. A tall gentleman enters wearing a gray suit…Nothing unusual there. 6:00 p.m. another gentleman arrives with a camera; along with an “I’m here on business” aura…Followed by the arrival of a white, stretch limousine pulling up at the front door at this time of day…not ordinary. At least, that is what the local media must have been thinking; because they circled the block to check it out. Out of the car came, an entourage of distinguished ladies and gentlemen. No, can’t say that I was expecting this type of company. Out of the car came a message and a revolution. The last to exit the vehicle, was the deliverer of inspiration, instruction and motivation. Out of the car came Q; dressed in all black; hood draping with gentle mystery and her face a glow.

Q. Humphrey, the CEO of Q Speaks Literary Works and Speakers’ Bureau and Author of “I Am Queen”…An Affirmation for EVERY Woman, had arrived to do more than celebrate the release of her book. Q came to bring business to pleasure, pleasure to awareness and awareness to amazement; all through her method of side-by-side encouragement in a straight-to-the-point approach; being that voice of reality and optimism when we need a boost.

After an hour and a half of signing books, greeting and mingling with guests, it was time for Q to speak. And as her friend, the gentleman in the gray suit, introduced her, the desire to hear her say something…anything was evident on the faces of the guests. Why? What was this woman going to say that was going to be so spectacular? I didn’t know, but I as excited also. Her smile made you feel certain that whatever she was going to say to you was from her heart and had your best intentions at the root.

Q spoke on why she wrote the book and explained that it was written purely out of love for EVERY woman, her sisters. She explained how important it is for us to assume responsibility for our lives and to cease the complaining about our problems; stressing for everyone to find solutions and refuse self pity. As she spoke to everyone and made clear that whatever one’s mind can conceive, it can be achieved…through hard work, dedication to the goal and enjoyment of the journey traveled to get there.

It was liberating and inspiring. I have never seen an event like this, where there were almost as many men as there were women; men, invited by Q Speaks that were anxious to read what Q had taken the time to write down. The music stopped for her words of encouragement, and surprising wisdom. This event provided a glimpse of just how strongly she advocates the arts, literacy and economic development through cultural diversity.

Most would have assumed that this celebration was going to be drowning in estrogen and the high level volume liberation of women rights, but it was not. Classic and smooth jazz played in the background; assorted trays filled with seafood, pita roll-ups, cheese and vegetable, tabouleh and hummus hors d’ oeuvres were served; as well as a more than regal cake frosted with butter-cream icing and a photo of the book in the center of it was calling out for attention from everyone who entered the lounge…yum. Smiles were on everyone’s face and superior service was provided by the Pulse and the publication The Detroiter was additional reading material that Q asked everyone to take home and read up on.

Looking around, it seemed as if the lounge and the event were made for one another; from the rich colors of the walls and decor, to the regal accessories inside the lounge…both provided by the lounge and Q Speaks; as well as the good spirits and up beat personalities of everyone inside. Everything appeared to be in destined alignment. This was the place to be. There was so much positive energy; so much sincerity. Q took the focus off herself and placed it solely on her mission…raising self-awareness and self-love. Her picture is no where on her book, nor her website, but her voice is. She reads the preface to “I Am Queen” on the home page of http://www.qspeaks.com.

Every listening ear received encouragement to not give up on their dreams, and to find pleasure in bringing them to fruition. The level of excitement was so high that one could’ve thought they heard engines revving. The level of excitement was so high, that self-awareness could never be looked at as a mediocre task. The level of excitement was so high that everyone walked away knowing that opportunities are limitless…it simply depends on our desire to “go up” and what time we are willing to devote to attaining our goals, that will ensure our progression.

I bought the book; have read the book, and am on chapter three this second time around. I am anxious to get my hands on the next book she announced that will be released in October of 2009. “I Am Queen”…An Affirmation for EVERY Woman can be purchased on Q Speaks’ website at www.qspeaks.com/store.html

Q was so right, “I Am Queen”…An Affirmation for EVERY Woman is more than inspiration, it really is a REVOLUTION!